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    एक विज्ञान


    Know About Er. Harshad Thakker

    Er. Harshad Thakker is a qualified Civil Engineer from VJTI Mumbai, hence by profession is a project management consultant in various projects at Mumbai, Thane, Pune and Nashik. Being in the field of Real Estate and properties, he has evaluated Vastu Shastra in a Scientific way. He is the author of the book “Vastushastra Ek Vigyaan” published in 1999 and about 2000 copies sold, He also consults as a Vastu Shastra Expert. He is on a mission to bust the myths associated with Vastu , that cause irrational fear in people. His articles on Vastu are regularly published in few weeklies and monthly magazines. He has been a Rotarian for the past 27 years and worked for Andh Shraddha Nirmulan. He has addressed many conferences and assemblies, and has conducted workshops on Vastushastra and Real Estate development. He is actively involved in many social organisations.

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    In vastu shastra - Vastu purush has a great significance. But if I tell you that Vastupurush is nothing else but, it is nothing else but a pictorial representation of Sun and Wind Dial. You may think is it truth ? Yes, It is 100% true.
    Now look at the two pictures on the side, The upper one is Vastu Purush and the one below is Vastu Ashta Chakra, Now Ashta Chakara is prepared by keeping the Direction of Sun and Wind in mind. In Ashta Chakara, you can see the areas marked with ‘U’ are Upper areas or Ucchasthan, whereas areas marked with ‘N’ are the Lower areas or Nicchasthan.
    Now, it is recommended that we must provide doors and windows in Ucchastan, Here comes the secrete, compare both the figures, the head of the Vastu Purush is in Uccha sthan, the discrating area is in the Niccha sthan, from Head if you move on either side it leads to Niccha sthan and from feet if you move on both direction it leads to Uccha sthan. So, Vastu Purush was created as a pictorial representation of Ashta Chakara to make it easier for people to understand the science behind it. But people advice you to bury the image of Vastu purush in your house, they misguide you. I will once again advice you to follow, what is scientifically or logically true. Follow Vastu Purush in planning, as it is scientifical representation of Sun and Wind Dial only.

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    What Our Clients Say

    Vastu Shastra Ek Vighnan... Book by Shriman Harshad Thakker is truly a unique book, un-comparable to any other book on this topic. The reason behind this is it has a strong base of scientific justification. I have practically experienced in my house with specifically the position of Temple which has given me and my family a true satisfaction in terms of Vastu... My best wishes to him to bring some new inventions with more and more benefits of Vastu with science & combined.

    Alkesh Shah

    A Civil Engineer from Raheja Group, Mumbai

    Harshad bhai as I know is great solution provider in the limited defined space. My experience with him is great and fruitful, as for one my houses we wanted to have a separate Pooja Ghar which was not there in the original plan. He gave an out of box solution and that too vastu compliant. His radical and modern ideas are way ahead of modern times and are fully within the defined boundaries of vastu shastra. I have read most his articles and books. If we were to implement the same, it really makes a difference in your lifestyle and you feel comfortable and get positively charged up. It is always interesting to have discussion with him and have his experience and knowledge shared.

    Mr. Kunal Reshamwala

    C.A. from Dadar, Mumbai